You have most likely seen them, heard about them or talked about, most people in New Zealand at the moment are just thinking, What are they? Read this FREE resource to find out!...

What are QR Codes?

A QR Code (QR= Quick Reference) is a 2 dimensional matrix code which is essentially a 2 dimensional Barcode. Denso Wave created the codes in 1994. QR Codes have been largely unused until recently. Since 2006, there been an increasing market and awareness created by improved technology.

How are these QR Codes used?

QR Codes are scanned by a mobile device (in most cases). Anyone with a late model Nokia N series or similar phone is likely to have a barcode reader installed. Most people with I-phones install the readers and many of the Japanese brand mobile phones have QR Code readers built it.

The process is simple,

Scan code
N95 scanning qr codes

See results
N95 scanning qr codes - see the results

Open or save results
N95 scanning qr codes - open or save the reults

Where are the QR Codes being used?

Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Europe & Scandinavia. Are you familiar with the Entertainment Book here? In Singapore they have their own version, full of QR Codes!

Most popular smart phones now come with the QR Code reader already installed in these countries. Almost all other smart phones will support the technology required to install a QR Code reader.

QR Codes being used to promote a British film
QR Code being used to promote a British film

The British Police using the QR Codes
The British Police using the QR Codes

Who uses QR Codes?

Mostly young audiences at this stage. Gen X & Y. We can expect this demographic to grow. The international market has really taken hold of these codes. Huge bill board advertising is taking place across Asia and Europe incorporating these QR Codes.

What technologies back up the QR Codes?

Smart phones, including i-phone, Nokia N series, Blackberry, Okta, Samsung, LG, all come with the reader installed or support the install. Installs can be made from numerous websites. Google searches provide lists upon lists of these services.

QR Codes can be generated through many online services and the code is universal, other options available are leasing, much like a domain name.

Business Usage

Is there an ideal industry for QR Codes?

It can work for all industries. You may already have seen QR Codes enter the market through Real Estate. This is largely because Real Estate Agents have signage! The codes can be placed on these signs with little additional cost. The QR Code can be specific to the property it is advertising i.e. a passer by can walk past the property for sale at night, scan the code and immediately see everything of interest inside the property. Alternatively the QR Code can direct the potential purchaser to the Real Estate general listing or to similar property listings.

Similar scenarios can be achieved for most businesses.

What line of business are you in? Do you have signage, vehicles, bill boards, staff clothing, advertisements or leaflets?

Where could you put QR Codes? (hint = where is your logo?)

How can QR Codes generate business for me?

Create an example. "Your market on the move"

What do they need to know? Where are they? How can you add value to them, then, right there?

Scenario 1,

I am a builder,

My clients are mostly 25-40, local to Christchurch, wanting anything from minor repair and renovation works to whole new home builds. When I am working at the property my sign written van is there. I also have a small sign in the front garden no bigger than a sandwich board that has my details and a polite message "we are carrying out renovation and building work, we aim to keep the noise to a minimum, please contact us onsite or online if you have any concerns about noise/dust & dirt".

On this very polite sign, I have a QR Code, this enables people to scan the code and be taken to my mobile website (website optimised for mobile technologies). On the mobile website they are able comment and place feedback. This shinning example of courtesy and awareness speaks volumes for my dedication to service.

The neighbours, mostly my demographic, who may be thinking about renovations are more likely to consider using me. By scanning the code to get to my website, they are able to view a selection of my previous works, my testimonial and my credentials! My mobile website also makes it very easy to make an enquiry! It makes the whole process easy!

What’s new in my business? Only a sign, a QR Code and a mobile website - but what a different client experience!


My staff benefit too. On some machinery and tools I have a QR Code. These codes take my staff to specific pages on my mobile website. These pages have clear instructions on how to use the tools safely. This saves the cost of printed manuals which require replacement and also ensures that the latest updates are always available. My mobile website works as a huge resource for staff. My time is freed up and the staff are productively engaged in their work as they are trusted and left to do a job!


Once I have finished the renovations I am able to leave small QR Code stickers in relevant locations in the house. A QR Code sticker on the boiler, should it ever fail or require assistance. The client can scan the code and be taken immediately to the page on the mobile website concerning the plumbing works we do and support we offer. On the fusebox we do the same. We also have basic information that may help the client diagnose the fault themselves, saving them money, making them happier.

What’s new in my business? STILL only a sign, a QR Code and a mobile website and some stickers,,,,, But what a different client experience!

What is the most effective means of using QR Codes?

Where can you put them? How can you add value to your client then and there!

What is the next step for my business?

Perform a Google search on ‘QR Code Generator’. This will bring up massive amounts of relevant links. Enter one of the sites, we are happy to recommend qrcode.kaywa.com. Enter the URL/text/Phone number you require the code to link to. Save the images created and start using them where ever you put your logo

Big Business Usage

How can QR Codes work for big business?

Vodafone NZ big enough? Vodafone just put one out in their latest mailout tipped as the next big thing in marketing.

There are limitless applications for QR Codes in big business. The QR Codes can be physically attached to products, on advertisements, on all forms of marketing, shirts, vans etc. What would be your message?

On a product, why not a quick re-ordering system? Keep the client, make it easy for them to continue using you. How’s about a feedback and reporting system? Allow your clients the ability to place feedback by scanning a code from your product.

Benefits to the consumer

Some people may ask, what is the advantage over a pen and paper? How many times have you taken down an email address, website or phone number with every intention of obtaining information but then just not getting around to it?

QR Codes enable the user to scan the code, open the link and research the information immediately. Additionally, the link is saved for ongoing access to the information.


The NOW generation. Generation Y is often referred to as the NOW generation. Gen Y’s process information quickly and brutally. The expectation is that the information presented is relevant. Direct access to the answer of the question you have right then. With properly structured and maintained websites, scanning the QR Code takes you directly to the relevant information required. Scanning a code eliminates potential input errors, false/inaccurate search terms and immediately provides the information which is expected.

Where is more information available?

We'd love to help you with your qr code technology and provide you with the best solution for your requirements.

Please email and let us know how you're planning to use the qr codes and we can advise on the best way to implement this technology.